Patch 21.9.2 Notes

Kick off the start of the Football season with a new game! We updated one of our more boring static effects to be a game based around kicking field goals. We also moved the settings from it's own tab to be a side menu. There's some more options for how to view effects in there that we hope you'll enjoy. We hope to see what high scores you can get in the new Fieldgoal Kicker game - Until next time!

~ Clutch Team

Posted 2021-9-28

New/Updated Effects

Fieldgoal Kicker

We felt this effect is a bit lacking as it was just a static image. So, we turned it into a game. Similar to the Archery game you'll need to put your patience to the test and kick the football at the perfect time. Be careful to adjust your timing and speed for the wind.


Sprinkle some excitement on the lanes!

Effect Selection Visual Update and more Viewing Options

Here we added a total of 8 combinations on how you can view the effect selection screen. Similar to a file selector you can view the effects in large icons, small icons or in a list view. There is also multiple ways to view the effects. A column for the different effect types. Rows for each effect type. Or all in one giant list.

Bug Fixes