Patch 21.10.2 Notes

Happy Holloween! This patch we've got some new SPOOKY effects, as well as a brand new game. The game is fairly simple - break your way down the lane with a limited amount of throws, but keep your eyes peeled as with the next few patches we've got some exciting plans for the game including some progression and for the first time ever unlockables in the mobile app! 'Till next time

~ Clutch Team

Posted 2021-10-28

System Improvements

New Effects

Fluttering Flags

We've reworked our flags effect because we thought is was a bit boring. Now select from a list of countries to display that country's flag! Now covers the whole lane and defaults to the flag your center is installed in!

Candy Cruncher

Crunch your way down the lane! Try and clear all the candy from the lane with 20 throws!

Candy Corn Ball Effect

Spread some candy corn on the lane!


Spread some candy out on the lane!

Candy Corn Gutter Cap Effect

Enjoy the Candy corn falling into a Pumpkin

Pumpkin Gutter Cap Effect

Enjoy the Pumpkins falling!

Skulls Gutter Cap Effect

Enjoy the falling skulls!